Autumn is the best season of the year to enjoy a sunset.

Every traveler who enjoys photography loves sunsets and how their light hits the landscapes. We want to share with you our 5 favorite destinations to enjoy the most amazing sunsets on the planet.

1. South of Italy

The Mediterranean Sea has a wide variety of beaches and coasts where taking a walk in the light of the sunset is purely magical. The south of Italy is perfect to enjoy the Mediterranean sun and also visit the little villages that surround it. Captura de pantalla 2016-10-07 a las 13.28.47

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Homes for exchange in the south of Italy.

2. Thailand

The Thai temples are one of this country’s many wonders. Their silhouettes under the light of a sunset make the perfect postcard and is a truly astonishing view. Just imagine the Royal Gran Palace at dusk… We wouldn’t hesitate in teleporting there in a second! Tailandia

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Homes for exchange in Thailand.

3. Iceland

It is one of the most famous natural phenomenon as the Midnight Sun never sets for several weeks. At dusk the Sun gets closer to the horizon but never gets to fully set which results in long-lasting sunsets that meet the dawn and offer outstanding views. Islandia

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Homes for exchange in Iceland.

4. Southern Africa

Nature, animals, sunsets... Sounds like the perfect trip, doesn’t it? Whether you are on a safari or you just wanted a city break, in southern Africa you will enjoy one of the best sunsets surrounded by lush flora and fauna. Africa

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Homes for exchange in the south of Africa.

5. California

To cross the Golden Gate Bridge at dusk, whether it’s walking, by bike or by taxi, will be one of the greatest experiences you’ll ever have in your trip to California. Or maybe it will be watching the sunset from the iconic Hollywood Sign in Los Angeles, you decide! Golden Gate

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Homes for exchange in California.

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October 7, 2016
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