For a great host, hosting is more than just sharing, it is the excitement.

Like every great MyTwinPlace host, we know that you have everything ready and under control to host your next guest. To make the home exchange perfect we have prepared a guide containing our 5 main tips to make your guests feel at home.

1. Give advice and recommendations to your guest

The moment before a trip is when we are the most excited. Searching for information, packing the suitcase, thinking about the places you want to visit… The majority of travelers have planned the trip beforehand but will thank you if you share with them some local tips and recommendations. As a local you can show them unknown places, recommend them a good restaurant or maybe even give them a personal tour to show them around the place.

City map

2. Make a guide to your home

A good idea to make your guest feel at home is to make a “home book”, a guide to show your guests how the appliances work, where the pantry is or where to find all the utensils and tools. With this guide they will know how the oven works, how to change the air conditioning, how the remote control works and that little trick to get the door to close correctly the first time round. In addition, in this “home book” you can include phone numbers that might be useful if your guests have any problems or they need help.

It is not necessary to print this “home book”, you can just send it to your guest via email. This way they will have it on their Smartphone at all times.

home book

3. Reply quickly and keep your calendar updated

Ease and quickness are essentials to all of us when planning a trip. And it’s because of that that replying as soon as possible to travelers interested in your home is very important. As you would do when a friend messages you.

To make it easy to find a date that suits you and your future guest(s) the best thing to do is to have the availabililty of your calendar updated so there will be no confusion. It is a good idea to update it periodically with new dates that you have available. So, if you have not checked your calendar lately, you can do it now. Remember that if you don’t have any dates marked as “Available” your home will not be shown in the search results. Homes that only have dates marked as “Ask Me” will also not be shown in the search results and you will lose out on the opportunity to host travelers that could be interested in your destination and home.


4. Welcome your guests

Thrill, nerves, excitement… The welcome is one of the best moments in a home exchange. If you can, greet your guests and hand them the keys of your home. You can make it more enjoyable with a little cocktail and some snacks to break the ice.

If you are not able to welcome your guests, send someone you trust to greet them or leave your keys somewhere near your house. Write a note and leave it in a place where the guests will surely see it when they arrive and leave a little gift in the fridge, for example a pack of cold beers.

man toasting speech at friends outdoor garden party with wine drinks

5. Open your mind to new experiences

Not only to be a great host, but to be a great traveler and to discover the world, you have to be open to new experiences, get out of your confort zone and be ready to meet new people. After all, we share the best moments and best experiences with people who make them unforgettable and unique.

Greek salad with olives and feta cheese, picnic table with food, wined bottle, field flowers
Now you have all the tips to be the best host and make a difference to your guests (and to get a good review!). Host travelers from MyTwinPlace and discover the world through its people.

September 30, 2016
Categories: How it works, Tips

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