Only the ones who have tried it know that everything changes when you travel the Sharing Economy way. Sharing your home, sharing your car or sharing your meal in a local's home; the experience of sharing makes us happy.
Share is the act of reciprocal participation in something, whether material or immaterial. It has implicit the value of giving (generosity) and to receive or accept what someone else offers you.

1. It's Obvious

Our homes are free when we travel and our second homes are empty most of the time. Why not share it with other travelers and stay in the homes of local hosts wherever we go? It makes all the sense in the world, and when you try it, it seems so obvious you wonder why you never tried it before! We spend more than 50% of the budget of a trip on accommodation in hotels or holiday rentals instead of investing it into experiences or activities. Sometimes we can't even travel because of the high cost per night of hotels or vacation rentals; sharing our homes solves this problem. Share 8(IG) shaunevaristo

2. Open your Mind

Sharing makes us happy, opens our minds and it presents us with a whole new world of possibilities. If you haven't shared your home with other travelers yet, you might have fears and doubts; but when you host other people, the only thing you'll care about is your guest's comfort and happiness. You'll even find your place more tidy than you left it! And you'll make friends during the experience...
"I left yesterday your apartment and I wanted to thank you very much for the stay. I had enjoyed every moment in your apartment. The energy of your flat was so unique and the location was incredibly amazing. I will definitely recommend it to anybody who is looking for a special moment while being close to Sagrada Familia. I hope you are currently enjoying your time in New-York! Hasta pronto." - Hamim and Mayah's review of his trip and stay in Pilar's home in Barcelona (Spain).
Share family (IG) gflandre

3. It's good for The Earth

Sharing not only allows us to save money, but it also reduces our environmental impact and it's sustainable. We prefer to share thing that we have bought and in so doing we help others which in return helps the planet we live on. A sustainable society shares their belongings. We build hotels and resorts that pollute the landscape and destroys nature, while our homes sit empty. The same can be said when we take the car with empty seats, but we could share those seats and produce 4 times less pollution. All these senseless use of resources makes no sense to us. Share 4  (IG) thechloeroth

4. It's authentic and comfy

Most, if not all members of the MyTwinPlace community, have confirmed something we already knew firsthand: staying in other member's homes lets you immerse yourself in the local culture wherever you go. It is not just a roof over your heard or a place to go to sleep; but a home, a place to live and enjoy. You can do everything you do at home, and that you couldn't do in a hotel: enjoy cooking, watch a movie in the living room with your family, have breakfast on the terrace before going to explore the surroundings ... You'll feel at home wherever you go! Also, your host will provide you with a personal guide and you'll never travel like just another tourist again.
"We had a great stay in Enrique apartment, it is cozy, very well equipped and we had a lot of space for us and our children....Enrique and Maria Jesus gave us many information about the city and last but not least the little pool in the outside is fantastic!" - Marina's review of his trip and stay in Enrique's home in Seville (Spain).
Share family 2 (IG) nathanakauffmann

5. There's no way back

When you come back home from your first trip, there will be no turning back. You'll want to stay in other hosts' homes each time you plan your next getaway, and you'll want to host other travelers in your home in return for your travel experience. You will drive to your next destination together with other travelers and you'll share conversations and good times. You'll have dinner at a local's home and you'll taste the local food... It's all about "give and take", and that is the spirit of the sharing economy.
"This was the second time we stayed at Sophie's house. The experience was amazing again. Eric and Sophie were very helpful with all the arrangements and made it really easy to communicate with them. The place is perfect for families with kids and the village (Lespignan) has everything you need to enjoy a relaxed vacations. We highly recommend this place and such a great hosts. Thanks again Eric and Sophie." - Xavier's review of his trip and stay in Sophie and Eric's house in Lespignan (France).
Wences 1 (IG) Wences - Discover Wences' experience in the US traveling with MyTwinPlace.
Now that you've find out the 5 Secrets about a Sharing Economy trip, you just need to join our travel community to experience it firsthand. What are you waiting for traveler? Join the community now.   Stay for free in houses of local hosts in 160+ countries.   mtp-logo-black-200

April 5, 2016
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