If you are planning your next trip these are our 7 tips for a 24 hour and how to enjoy it to the max.

1. Stay close to where you want to visit

Even if it’s near the center or in the suburbs, a good idea to not waste time commuting is to stay close to the places you want to visit. This way you will have more time on your trip – maybe even time to visit places you didn’t think you would be able to!

2. Visit a touristy place and one that isn't

We want you to make the most of your 24 hour getaway by getting to know the culture and local way of living in the place you are visiting. That’s why one of our favourite tips at MyTwinPlace is to visit tourist places but also some that are not (or at least less touristy). This combination will make you visit iconic places as well as discovering authentic and enchanting spots. philMF

3. Have a good plan

If you are doing a 24 hour getaway, it’s better to have a good plan. Why? The clearer you have in your mind what you want to visit and what you don’t want to means the less time you’ll waste deciding on where to go.

4. Don’t check-in your luggage

A good option to save some money a is to not check-in your suitcase. This way you make sure you only pack the necessary items and you will save yourself the long wait for your suitcase in arrivals.

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5. Avoid peak times

Your getaway is only going to last 24 hours and you do not want to waste a minute in a queue or waiting for transport. The key is to choose a date and time when there will not be so many people so that you can fully enjoy your getaway. stamepde

6. Take advantage of the internet

Nowadays you can find a wealth of information and travel advice on the internet. Take advantage of any free moment you have to continue searching information on the place you’re visiting and become a Sherlock Holmes of travel. Here are some posts of our blog:

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7. Be inspired

Don't get obssesed with wanting to visit everything – remember your getaway will only be 24 hours and you have to make the most of it and enjoy it, not get stressed out! Relax and be inspired by the place and maybe you will swap that famous sight for an authentinc and enchanting hidden spot.
A getaway is always welcome to break from the daily routine, even if it’s only of 24 hours. At MyTwinPlace we want to put it simply by saving you the accommodation cost on your next getaway, what else can we say to convince you?


November 8, 2016
Categories: Tips, Wanderlust

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