Choose from more than 150 destinations and escape this October.

We all need some days-off after the holiday come back, and October is the perfect month to enjoy a getaway. It's not cold yet, and the hot weather has disappeared. The perfect moment to discover your next destination. Will it be surrounded by nature, on the beach or maybe a city?

Countryside getaway

Surround yourself by nature and discover the magic colors, smells and sounds that October brings you. Provence France MyTwinPlace Home exchange Vincent's house in Villars, Provence (France) Rota MyTwinPlace Andalucía Puente Octubre Javier's house in Rota, Andalusia (Spain)

Let's go to the beach!

Autumn is the best time of the year to enjoy the tranquillity of the coast. There are no tourists, only peace and breath taking landscapes. The Mediterranean, Atlantic, Pacific or Indian. You decide! Alcudia MyTwinPlace puente de octubre Maria's house in Alcúdia, Balearic Islands (Spain) Mikonos MyTwinPlace Puente de octubre Nikola's house in Mykonos (Greece)

City escape

Visiting other cities and discovering how locals live is one of the main attractions of home exchange. Travel to a city and feel like you live there this October. Sevilla MyTwinPlace Carmen's house in Seville (Spain) Berlin MyTwinPlace Terri's house in Berlin (Germany)

Relaxing Days-off

Empty your mind and don't worry about a thing during your Autumn getaway. Eat, nap, take a stroll and enjoy. Asturias MyTwinPlace puente de octubre Rafael's house in Canales, Asturias (Spain) Campania MyTwinPlace Puente de octubre Federico's house in Ascea, Campania (Italy)
Explore the inspiring houses to escape to this October and pick one to enjoy during a relaxing and fun few days.

September 23, 2016
Categories: Homes

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