A good idea to visit the best cities in Europe in a different and fun way is to go by bike.

We know many travellers of the MyTwinPlace community are cycling enthusiasts, that's why we have put together the best cities in Europe to enjoy by bike.


Paris is one of the largest urban areas in Europe and it might be a bit tiring to visit it walking. Velib’ is a bike rental service offered in the French capital, so you can pedal through the streets of the city and feel like any other Parisian.

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Everyday more and more people choose to avoid traffic jams and go by bike to work, to university or just wander around the city. The good thing is that Barcelona has bike lanes in its most important streets and avenue, like Diagonal Avenue or Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes so you can cross the city cycling in a city lane. The Bike Sharing system in Barcelona is called Bicing and since it was started people haven’t stopped using it.

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Berlin i such a big city and has a strong cycling culture. Its streets are incredibly wide and you can cycle on the pavement and also you can cycle through its parks, so it's easy to discover the city by bike. If you want to know Berlin as a local by renting a bike with nexbike Bike Sharing service, also present in other major cities.

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From April to October the weather is warmer and you can take advantage of these months and get to know the city of Stockholm on two wheels. There are bike paths and bike lanes all over and you can easily get around Stockholm and the bike rental service is CityBikes

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In Milan with BikeMi it’s very easy to rent a bike and ride through the streets of the city of fashion. BikeMi also offers tours to see the most famous monuments of the city, like its Duomo and the fortress of Castello Sforzesco. In addition, the city centre is very flat and the streets are designed for cyclists.

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Amsterdam is a city surrounded by water and canals, which makes it difficult for cars to circulate, also parking fees are quite expensive. The good thing is that bicycles can be parked almost anywhere as you will see in the most crowded places of Amsterdam. So having said that, what better than a bike ride through this city? It’s possible with PubliBike

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Spice up your stay in Vilnius joining some of the free cycling events which are held several times a month in this city. With CycloCity you’ll have a new and original opportunity to get to know the capital of Lithuania.

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A third of Copenhageners commute to work by bicycle and it’s not unusual to see people in suits, heels and skirts effortlessly pedalling past. You will feel like a local cycling around the whole city and then to the harbour where the famous Little Mermaid -also known as the bronze mermaid- is located. The main bike rental service is Bycyclen which has bikes that are perfect for touring Copenhagen.

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Are you ready for a holiday on wheels? Remember to ask your MyTwinPlace host if they have a bike. If not, if the house is in one of the cities that we have highlighted, you’ll be able to enjoy the city by bike anyway.

August 3, 2016
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