A lot of you have asked us if you can host other travelers of the MyTwinPlace community in your home if you aren't the owner of the apartment you're living in. The answer is yes.

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On MyTwinPlace there's no monetary transaction between host and guest, so if you're living in a rental apartment, it's legal to host other travelers in your home. MyTwinPlace has nothing to do with renting your apartment to tourists or subletting. It's about sharing your home or second residence with other members of the community. It's just like inviting some friends in your home.

So, how does MyTwinPlace work?

MyTwinPlace connects travelers with local hosts to share their homes safely and without monetary exchange. Our members host travelers and are rewarded with points towards free accommodation on their holiday.

The community's currency is the point. 1 point is equal to €1. So, if you book a home for 150 points per night, you'll be saving €150 per night. If your home has a value of 200 points per night, it means that your home will be worth €200 in the rental market.

MyTwinPlace is a pure sharing economy, and hospitality is the soul of the community.

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How do I start?

Easy. You can start traveling or hosting. You just need to sign up and complete your profile. Trust is very important for MyTwinPlace, so choose a profile photo and let other members get to know you. You'll receive some gift points to start traveling, and if you want to earn more, host other travelers in your home, rental apartment or room. Also, feel free to ask us any questions at info@mytwinplace.com.

June 14, 2016
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