cop21 en   We want you to get involved with us in the United nations Conference on Climate Change #COP21. Each good action has a reward and we are giving away a promo code to gain 1 night (80 points value equivalent to 80€ travel credit) to those members who want to make a difference. The Conference will take place in Paris from 30/11 until 11/12 so you'll have until 11/12 to validate your promo code.   What I have to do? Nothing that you haven't done before. As a MyTwinPlace member you are concerned about Climate Change and you want to help stop it. Just send a message to with a screenshot of a petition you have signed. Any petition that involves Climate Change, Environment or Sharing Economy works. We will reply with the promo code so you can validate it and earn one night to spend in your next booking with MyTwinPlace. Where can I sign a petition? There are a lot of web pages where you can contribute to spread awareness such as, or  Some petitions you can sign: Demand Climate Justice Save the Arctic Together let's give the Ocean a Voice Mega Climate Petition for a 100% Clean World   Each one of us can make a difference. Get your promo code now!

November 30, 2015
Categories: News

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Communication and Community Manager at MyTwinPlace. A thinker and a do-er. Passionate about travel, ice-cream and Groucho Marx.

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