Discover Elena's MyTwinPlace Story; a flexible home exchange to Paris with travel points.

Elena and her family are art lovers and decided that they wanted to live like Parisians for their holiday. Elena stayed in Laure's home, a Parisian host, thanks to her travel points. She saved €160 per night, and a total amount of €960 during her stay. Elena shares with us her experience of traveling with the flexible home exchange model of MyTwinPlace. Historia MyTwinPlace Elena Paris

What do you think about the flexible home exchange model that MyTwinPlace offers?

The idea of exchanging my home has always haunted me. I tried another home exchange platform but after paying for signing up I didn't even manage to go on an exchange. The travel points system is a great idea, plus you only pay if you travel and not to just for search like on other sites.

What were your fears or doubts before trying home exchange?

At the beginning I didn't have any fears or doubts. It's more what people tell you when you say you're doing a home exchange for your holiday. They tell you things like "and what about if the home does not exist? Or if it's nothing like it is in the photos? On MyTwinPlace I always had great customer support and the personalized service that Alberto gave me. He contacted me and resolved all my doubts. So I had no fears at all.
Historia MyTwinPlace Elena Paris

Did you feel like a local? How was your relationship with your host Laure?

Of course, in an apartment in the Parisian neighborhoods you feel much more immersed into the live and feel of the city. My relationship with Laure was great. She lived in the apartment next door but gave us total freedom. Knowing that we had her near was very reassuring if we had any issues with the home.

Did the money you saved allow you to enjoy Paris more?

Definitely. This is one of the advantages of traveling with MyTwinPlace and using your travel points to book accommodation. You can use the money you've saved from paying a rental or a hotel and enjoy more activities, restaurants...

Would you recommend the experience to your friends?

I recommended it even before the trip, so now I hope that even the sceptic ones will join the community.

July 5, 2016
Categories: Community

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