A MyTwinPlace story as told by traveler and host during their travel experience.

Patricia booked Mar's home in Llívia with her travel points for a perfect family vacation in August. Neither of them hesitated to share their experience on Instagram with the hashtag #mytwinplace. We couldn't resist telling their story on our blog.

Patricia and her getaway to Llívia

Llívia is geographically speaking a unique town. It's surrounded by French territory due to a mistake in the Treaty of the Pyrenees in 1659. Apart from its historical heritage, Llívia offers the best ski slopes and trekking trails you've ever seen. Patricia was searching for tranquility and the town where Mar's home is located provided just that. MyTwinPlace experiencia Intercambio de casas
Round stones, water sound can woke up the little child inside oneself and back them to the past... ☆ Riu Segre, Catalunya - @patriciabarbosabr
Sometimes the only thing we need to wake up our inner child is to surround ourselves by nature. Feeling the cold water of the river trickling at our feet and playing with the pebbles on a summer's day remind us of the good old days. This is how Patricia felt when she arrived to Llívia and began exploring its beautiful surroundings. MyTwinPlace Intercambio de casas
0 arco-íris nasce aqui e é perfeito! #llivia #lacerdanya #descobreixcatalunya #rainbow #arcoiris #arcdesantmarti #mytwinplace - @patriciabarbosabr

MyTwinPlace Intercambio de casas Patricia

"El pajarito, muy atento, observó sin rechistar; para luego, bien contento, volar en busca del mar" 📚 El Lechero en Bicicleta. - @patriciabarbosabr 

Mar and her experience as a host

Mar was Patricia's host in Llívia. Mar exchanges her home in the Pyrenees with the community so travelers can enjoy the peace and nature no matter what their holiday budget is. And this is what Mar found when she arrived at her home: Intercambio de casas Mar experiencia MyTwinPlace
Surprise! Details you find when you share your house at @mytwinplace. Thanks @patriciabarbosabr #gueststhatrocks #intercambiatucasa

If you would like to enjoy a getaway in the upcoming months, take a look at our 320+ houses available in fast booking mode. Let our members surprise you with incredible destinations just one click away and explore the world.

September 7, 2016
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