Home exchange is perfect for a family holiday, especially if you're traveling with kids.

Planning a family holiday isn't an easy task by any means. However, home exchange allows families with children to keep things simple and to travel for longer without having to give up any home comforts. We've spoken with families of our community and they've told us what they value most about traveling with MyTwinPlace.

1. Travel for more days

Home exchange allows families to save money in accommodation so they can  stay for longer in their travel destination. Furthermore, the more days you stay the better you get to know the local culture and disconnect from the daily grind. MyTwinPlace Intercambio de casas para viajar en familia Xavi and Elena enjoyed their holiday with their children, Laia and Abril, in France

2. The home exchange with travel points

What they like the most about exchanging their home with MyTwinPlace is that the community works with travel points. You can book a home with travel points which is the currency of our community. Travel points are earned when hosting other members at your home or second home, and then you can use them towards free accommodation on your next trip. If you've tried to do a traditional home exchange, you'll know that it's very difficult to agree with another family to travel on the same dates. And what happens if you want to travel to Amsterdam, but they don't want to visit your home town? Too difficult and time consuming. However, with the flexible home exchange your travel destinations become endless.

3. A home for your kids and with toys

You've stayed in hotels with your kids, right? Then you'll know that they can't offer all the things a kid needs. The space of the room is limited and not kid friendly. And you have to take all their toys and books with you to keep them entertained. Whereas in a family home you'll find everything they need: high chairs, clothing, toys, cribs... And your hosts will give you special recommendations on where to go and what to see to enjoy that perfect family holiday. MyTwinPlace Intercambio de casas para viajar en familia René's family home for exchange in Bali

4. It doesn't matter if you're the landlord or not

On MyTwinPlace there's no monetary transaction between the traveler and host, so no legalities to sift through. As you don't pay money, there's nothing to be declared. Think of it as being invited by some friends to spend the holiday together. Also, when having travelers at your home, they'll take care of everything like it was theirs. Nothing to worry about.

5. They learn to share

Sharing makes us happy. Teaching our kids to share with others from an early age is very important. You'll see that their reaction is very natural once you explain to them that you're going to spend the holiday in a home of another family. They'll be excited about playing with their new toys, and sharing theirs with others. Intercambio de casas viajar en familia

6. Sustainable, eco and local tourism

When we leave on vacation our homes sit empty while we stay in a hotel room. Hotels can only offer us a little space and nowhere near as comfortable as our own home. It doesn't make sense wasting money while we can take advantage of existing resources and help each other out. Being hosted by a local is ecologic and sustainable. Plus, did you know that you reduce carbon emissions too? Exchanging your home is the new travel trend. You'll enjoy a truly local experience with the comforts of home and all whilist saving money. What more can you wish for in a family holiday?

July 19, 2016
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