We share our tips to quickly find accommodation for your travels with MyTwinPlace.

Home exchange does not have to be a difficult or slow task. MyTwinPlace helps you to get free accommodation quicker than ever with our travel points system. Follow our recommendations and you could confirm your stay in the blink of an eye.

1. Sometimes the best plan is to have no plan

Our first recommendation to find accommodation quickly is simple: Let us surprise you. We aren’t talking about just any old trip, but an experience where you can discover new destinations in a unique way. Authentic corners of the world which you may never have visited if it wasn’t for home exchange. Experiences like having your own Stone house with a garden in Italy or enjoying a vacation in a small coastal town in Spain. Don’t dismiss different destinations, open your horizons and explore the map to find your next adventure. Binibequer MyTwinPlace Consejos (IG) carla.almeda

2. Fast Booking is your best friend

Take a peek at the new Fast Booking section. You will find the houses of hosts who are looking for their next guests. Look at the calendar of the houses, choose the dates which suit you best and don’t think twice to contact them. As these houses are booked up fast! Italia MyTwinPlace Consejos Go to the Fast Booking section

3. Complete your profile and listing

The members of MyTwinPlace open their houses so that other travelers can enjoy their home. For this, a complete profile is vital to make a good first impression. Put on a big smile and write a bit about yourself including who you are, what you like to do in your free time, what are your passions etc. Also, completing the profile of your house with nice photos and a description will give more trust and credibility to your profile. MyTwinPlace Consejos

4. Write a nice and detailed message

What would you do if you received this message from another member: Is your house available? You probably wouldn’t accept their request to stay in your house. Writing a message with a brief presentation about yourself and your group, as well as the reason for your trip is crucial. Also, if you have already gone on a home Exchange before (traveling or hosting other members of the community) mention it in your message to give trust and confidence. And if you like the decoration or something about the house, don’t hesitate in writing it down. We all like to be complemented on our house!

5. Contact 10+ members

Keep in mind that this isn’t the same as renting a house, but a community of travelers who open up their houses. If you only contact one member it is possible that they cannot host you for your travel dates. Choose all the houses that you like and contact the hosts to get accommodation quicker. If you wish, you can use the multiple contact tool to save time (it can be found on the right-hand side under the dates of your search).
Now that you know all our tricks, you have no excuse to stay at home! Go ahead and enjoy a unique experience on your next escape with MyTwinPlace.

August 19, 2016
Categories: How it works, Tips

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