If you haven't tried home exchange yet, here are 6 good reasons to start with MyTwinPlace.

Doing a home exchange for traveling is the new hype, and we're not surprised. Exchanging their homes is the best way to travel for many people. It allows them to save money on their holiday, and travel with a lower budget. And of course, travel more times per year. Furthermore, it allows us, travelers, to discover new destinations in a different way, and to live like a local. We'll also have the key to discover our destinations: our host's recommendations.

1. Save money

The first reason to try home exchange for a lot of travelers and families is the money saving. During peak season you can save more than €1.600 in accommodation per week. Accommodation costs are usually more than 50% of a travel budget. Home exchange makes it possible for all of us to travel more and better. It doesn't matter if you want to book a getaway near home, or a overseas trip. During 2015, MyTwinPlace travelers saved more than €1 Million in accommodation. MyTwinPlace San Francisco Intercambio de casas Wences and his family in San Francisco. Read his experience here.

2. Flexibility

MyTwinPlace works with travel points, the currency of the community. When a member hosts other travelers in their home, second home or room, he or she earns travel points to book a home of the community for his/her holiday. It's not mandatory to exchange with the same people or on the same dates. MyTwinPlace is a home exchange network where your travel options are not limited by the location of your home. You can book a home and then host other members in your home when it's available. Joining the community is free and you'll get gift travel points to start traveling. Great, isn't it?

3. Legal

Since there's no monetary transaction when doing a home exchange, it's legal. You don't have to declare anything, because you haven't take profit out of it. If you're not the landlord you can also do a home exchange and host other travelers in your home. Is like you've invited a friend!

4. Cultural immersion

If you do a home exchange, you'll have the chance to enter the home of a local. Without home exchange, you won't be able to see how locals actually live, and experience it by yourself. Hotels can't offer that. With your host's recommendation you'll also discover the best places in town that tourists don't know. And you'll be able to use your travel budget for activities or places that are really worth the money. MyTwinPlace Amsterdam Intercambio de Casas Lucas' houseboat in Amsterdam

5. Trust

MyTwinPlace is a community of trusted travelers. All members are in the same situation: they share their homes with the community. There's also a review system for travelers and hosts, so they can share their experience with other members. AXA Assistance MyTwinPlace Seguro de viaje Intercambio de casas Furthermore, each stay is insured by AXA Assistance. The MyTwinPlace Insurance is specially made for the needs of our home exchange community. We want you to enjoy your holiday no matter what.

6. Comfort

Whether you're traveling with your family, solo or with your partner, comfort is essential. After a long day strolling around, coming to your apartment and feeling at home is the best feeling. And with MyTwinPlace this is possible. The comfort of a home with its living room, kitchen and bathroom, with all the amenities, is priceless. Cooking and enjoying dinner like if you were at home but next to Big Ben, can you imagine? MyTwinPlace Londres Casas para intercambio Victoria's kitchen in her home in London.
It's normal to feel a little bit concerned if you haven't tried home exchange before. However, if you sign up and exchange some messages with other members, you'll realize that it's the best way to travel and there's nothing to fear. Doing a home exchange is sustainable, it allows you to discover authentic destinations and live in a local neighborhood. You'll also feel like you can go back and stay in a hotel, because you'll have made new friends and lived an amazing experience.

July 14, 2016
Categories: How it works, Tips

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