Have you ever wondered how typical homes around the world really look like?

Here are some typical and beautiful houses from all over the world:


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Thailand’s homes are on risers and the structures are composed of a roof woven from grasses, floors and walls made with bamboo tied with rope. Its thai name is “Ruen Khrung Phook” and some of them have hanging leaves overhanging protect the house from sun and rain.


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Grey is the dominant colour used in Aussie exteriors and the average home size in this country is about 80 — 120 square meters. One functional part of the home is the driveway is under the home.  Also, most of the doors are made of glass.


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The typical countryside russian home is a cottage called “Izba” . On the opposite, in urban areas the typical Russian residence is an apartment where most of the rooms are multipurpose. Usually the largest room in an apartment is considered to be the living room by day, dining room in evening, and a bedroom at night.


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They are usually multi-family buildings or single house villas and you rarely will find a garden in front or in the back. All of the houses are brick, stone or cement and have lots of wooden window shutters. Many of them are still influenced by the Spanish architecture which inspired so many mansions in the past.


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A traditional Japanese home is called a “minka”. Japanese homes are designed for function and harmony so so much planning goes into each home. Wood was the material of choice for structures, while roofs could be thatch, cypress bark, tile, or bare wood. A traditional Japanese house does not have a designated use for each room aside from the entrance area, kitchen, bathroom, and toilet. Any room can be a living room, dining room, study, or bedroom


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Dutch homes are subdued, yet vibrant colors with white trim make these houses look like homes. Also there are the famous ‘Grachtenpanden’, the homes near the canals, which are slim, high and cozy houses.

Because of the danger of flooding the front door is sometimes higher up and only reachable via stairs.

Which home would you like to live in?


August 19, 2016
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