We've updated our calendars to improve the community experience. Learn how to use them to keep your availability up to date.

The MyTwinPlace product team works hard to improve the community experience. You've probably seen that the calendar for your house has a new look. Now the calendar has 3 availability options: Available, Ask me and Not Available. 

What do the 3 options mean?

1. Ask me

We can't always be sure about the availability to host other travellers during certain dates, that's why we have created a new state of availability: Ask me (orange color). If you're unsure about your availability but you don't want to discard the opportunity to host or maybe you're willing to accept last minute opportunities, use Ask me.

MyTwinPlace Calendar Ask me

2. Available

If you're 100% sure about the availability of your house to host other members of the community and want to earn travel points, indicate the dates as Available (green color) and travellers will know they can count on you.

MyTwinPlace Calendar Disponible

3. Not available

If your house isn't available indicate the dates as Not Available (grey color) and your house will not appear on the results. Remember that you always have the control to accept or decline a request to stay in your house.

Why is it important to keep the calendar up to date?

The main engine of our community is trust, and keeping your profile and house updated is the key to build a trusted community of travellers.
To improve everyone's experience in the community it is important that we share truthful information. Truthful means indicating availability to help others easily plan their travels.
Furthermore, updating the availability will save you time and you'll optimize the opportunities to earn travel points towards your next vacation.
Is it time to put your calendar up to date. To edit it go to My Places > Edit > Calendar and points.
Whether you have doubts about how the new calendar works or you want to share some comments with us, send us an email or call us. We're all ears!

September 14, 2016
Categories: How it works

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